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What is Paradox's policy on fan-made companion apps/sites?



I'm relatively new to Paradox games, and I've been really enjoying Stellaris. Unfortunately I've been finding the Stellaris wiki kind of weirdly organized, especially on mobile. It's not something that can really be solved by just editing the wiki though, as it require changing a lot of things that seem to have been decided on purposefully as part of its style, I just disagree with them. So partially just for experience and for fun, I've been working on programming a website to better display the data in a way I find more useful. Now although the wiki says it is licensed under Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0, since I'm extracting some of the data directly from the game files (as opposed to scraping the wiki for them, which is rude and harder) I wanted to make sure this isn't going to get me an angry letter from Paradox's lawyers. Of course I'll be adding my own text as well.I know many game companies are pretty tolerant of fan made guides and such, is Paradox the same way?

Please help.

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