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Money transfer issues



I am having a problem setting up money transfer from the UK. I set up a account with HiFX before I came over but now they are saying they need two pieces of documentary evidence of my address here. Unfortunately neither the tax office or my bank here asked for an address to complete documentation so I have nothing suitable. I am renting on a single supply/ two meter basis so I'm not directly responsible for any bills or utilities either.
I'll pop into the bank tomorrow and see if they'll send me a statement of some sort. Beyond this I'm a bit stuck.
I've been told that I need to go to Vamos to get a residence permit (i'm living in Kalami). Is this correct? However, from previous posts it seems the likelihood of getting the permit is variable from day to day. Also, the bus service seems to be winding down and I don't have a car yet so I'm a bit concerned about getting stuck there. The residence permit would be an acceptable piece of documentation for HiFX but will they ask for proof of address to get the permit? This is starting to feel a bit catch 22ish.
Has anyone else come up against this problem or are there any suggestions for alternative money transfer agencies.
I appreciate their situation as apparently Greece is considered 'high risk'. Regarding money laundering I assume.

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.


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