On Set Of ‘Fast 9’ With Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez

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After Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez were on the set of “Fast 9” without Dwayne Johnson, Roz Weston and Graeme O’Neil discuss the addition of John Cena during “ET Canada Live”.

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On Set Of ‘Fast 9’ With Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez


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  1. Diesel u Shit xmen
    I kill u

  2. John cena probably playing another cop like Hobbs and then he joins the team blah blah blah the story goes on. Same shit happend to Hobbs and Jason statham.

  3. Paul would be happy to see the franchise is still moving forward RIP Paul walker

  4. Lucas black coming back

  5. Thank you so much for go to Thailand🇹🇭 👍

  6. No without Dewayne Johnson it won't be better

  7. ? da

  8. No dwayne johnson is the best

  9. I don't get it…i tought fast 9 is the movie with hobs and shaw? Wtf is this?!?!? Also if cena is replacing the rock this is the worst replacing ever…


  11. Riders assist is for Lady… If Reeves Goes dare devil… Then….u ride daisey with another…

  12. But he's no wild west decendent so… Idk… Try to work with him.. it's a "Monster Movie" What if "!!!"

  13. Breadcrumb: Can a Chestnut channel OG for grand priX late entry???? …tbc…

  14. I was just kidding about the tryout by the way a !!!BANE!!!

  15. I hope 9 goes back to being like the first fast and furious

  16. 9 fast films and a spin off who would of thought this series would turn out to be this successful.

  17. When is the Trailer going to be here

  18. Good The Rock is gone. I did like Jason though.

  19. I'm excited without the rock

  20. Fast 9 gonna b even better than the rest Rock sucks

  21. Rock is put in everything he has fucked up so many movies John cena rules

  22. The movie was better before the rock


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  25. Who miss Brian O Corner?

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